The UK television network, Channel 4, has recently released a free iOS app for its "catch up" service, 4oD.

4oD phone free app - can my phone or tablet play and run 4oD The 4oD app we are assessing in this performance review is free to download at the relevant Android App store and will run on the standard Android operating system. Having achieved a huge amount of attention since its release, the people that have used 4oD felt that it … Official 4oD app streams on to Windows Phone to help you We bear good news, as an official 4oD app is now available for Windows Phone 8. Not only does the app cover Channel 4 itself, but both E4 and More4 are included in the 4oD experience. PiHole- 4od - reddit This is the case with 4OD / All4, currently they are all hosted on, but with Pi-hole you can blacklist this sub-domain. I have not tried the All4 android / iphone app in a while but if it is anything like the Nowtv App it should block all ads.

4oD phone free app - can my phone or tablet play and run 4oD

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4oD Xbox App - lots of shows missing — Digital Spy I'm not so sure now if the xbox apps are actually "lite" versions with less content. Anyone noticed this with any other of the video apps? Can't see the logic, considering 4oD is free on PC, but requires a (small) payment via gold subscription on the xbox (and still carries advertising). How to Update Apps on the Hitachi Smart TV Oct 17, 2019