SHOREWALL-MACLIST(5) [FIXME: manual] SHOREWALL-MACLIST(5) NAME maclist - Shorewall MAC Verification file SYNOPSIS /etc/shorewall/maclist DESCRIPTION This file is used to define the MAC addresses and optionally their associated IP addresses to be allowed to use the specified interface.

man masq (5): Shorewall Masquerade/SNAT definition file Normally Masq/SNAT rules are evaluated after those for one-to-one NAT (defined in m[blue]shorewall-natm[][7](5)). If you want the rule to be applied before one-to … Shoreline Firewall (Shorewall) / List shorewall-users Archives > > /etc/shorewall/hosts > ##### > #ZONE HOST(S) OPTIONS > vpn br0:eth0:/24, net br0:eth0 > vpn1 br0:tap0 > > where and have real ip subnet address > > /etc/shorewall/tunnels > ##### > #TYPE ZONE GATEWAY GATEWAY > # > ipsec net a.b.c.d > ipsec net e.f.g.h > openvpn net vpn1 shorewall-tcclasses You set mark values in the shorewall-mangle(5) file, marking the traffic you want to fit in the classes defined in here. Must be specified as '-' if the classify option is given for the interface in shorewall-tcdevices(5) and you are running Shorewall 4.5.5 or earlier. … shorewall-maclist(5) [debian man page] - Unix

shorewall-masq(5) - Linux man page

shorewall.conf: Shorewall global configuration file

Shorewall: Un buen firewall para GNU/Linux - Applications

/etc/ shorewall /interfaces – This explains the interfaces on the firewall system. /etc/ shorewall /hosts – This file helps users to define zones in terms of individual hosts and sub-networks. /etc/ shorewall / masq – This file directs the firewall when to use many-to-one (Dynamic) NAT and Source NAT (SNAT). 38.5. Shorewall - SourceForge