Mar 30, 2020 · Unfortunately, this doesn’t do anything and the TV remains listed as an option when attempting to airplay either through mirroring or sending audio through Apple Music after “turning off”. As for the receiver, I cant find any setting related to Airplay at all in any of the settings.

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AirPlay 2 is also on its way to popular streaming devices made by Roku, and given that Amazon has plans to add Apple’s TV app to its family of Fire TV devices, we may see AirPlay 2 support added

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- Also ensure that the option of AirPlay Apple TV has been connected as a tick mark. It can be seen towards the end of the dropdown menu. The user will need to follow the same steps as above for streaming this converted video as mentioned above in the first way. This is the only way a VLC file can be streamed from the Mac to AirPlay Apple TV.

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