So we asked you, dear readers, to help us compile some of the weirdest (and ideally non-horrifying) YouTube videos the world has to offer. These are the strangest of the strange. So please

Feb 08, 2018 · YouTube is the home ground of some of the most viral videos on the internet but it is also filled with weird ones which are available here. Take a look. Oct 26, 2017 · “But wait!” you say,”That was on regular YouTube! What about the YouTube Kids app!” We’ve got some pretty awful news—it was actually easier to find really weird videos when searching for the names of popular characters on the YouTube Kids app than it was on the regular YouTube app. (We’ll touch on why that’s the case in a moment.) May 15, 2016 · Some artists were one hit wonders, with bizarre hits like OMC's "How Bizarre" or "Summer Girls" By LFO. A few of the songs didn't only sound weird, but had equally strange music videos to We find that some viewers are able to more easily find the videos they want to watch when we order the subs feed in a personalized order vs always showing most recent video first." Weird, considering YouTube already offers recommended videos based on your viewing habits and subscribed channels in its sidebar. i'm at that weird part of youtube facebook tumblr basically anything again subculture maybe even an overused statement., weird memes of 2012, youtube, online videos, interwebs, strange internet About "I'm in that weird part of YouTube" is an expression used in response to a video post that may be deemed disturbing or eccentric in content. YouTube receives 72 hours of video uploads every minute. With all this volume, there are videos of types and qualities. Important documentaries, fun family vacation videos, instructional how-tos

May 01, 2010 · If you want weird videos on youtube , then have a look at chris crockers channel hes an angry transvestite . and also look for coppercab's channel hes a ginger kid who gets angry with people who say anything negative about ginger hair , so angry infact at times he looks like hes going to attack the camera , which can be quite amusing to watch.

May 13, 2020 · 10 Strange Fetishes Tame Enough For YouTube. Some fetishes are sneaky. They are so weird and non-sexual, that they can be uploaded to YouTube and "enjoyed" by anyone.

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Nov 19, 2015 · Viral videos from the early 2000s were also, by and large, incredibly weird… and yet for some reason, we just kept watching them. Not only that, but we watched them over, and over, and over Mar 15, 2016 · Problem is 6 year olds do not usually see or hear sexual content. Problem is you can accidentally come by inappropriate music videos or videos are weird sex acts etc on YouTube. Yes young kids may hear swear words but doesnt mean they need to watch videos online with alot of swearing. Jun 23, 2017 · Q&A – HATE MAIL – Some Really Weird Youtube Hate Comments. We'll send periodic updates including links to videos that the P.C. Police deem to shocking to list Aug 07, 2008 · What are some really weird videos on youtube that are funny but weird? dont say like chocolate rain or smosh. Answer Save. 3 Answers. Relevance. Anonymous. 1 decade ago. Sep 20, 2019 · It makes me feel like the videos are being produced with some awareness about the real-life challenges people face and with the goal of not contributing to them. All in all, I’m feeling pretty I stumbled upon this weird YouTube channel called FendiCat1 YouTube Mystery This particular video came in one of my search results but the weird thing is its uploader's account cannot be seen.