The meaning of kA (kilo-amp = 10^3 Amp) is the rating of the breaker obtained by standard procedures such as ANSI/IEEE C37-09 (Test Procedure), UL ( LV & MV), IEC –56, etc. The prospective system short circuit must be less than the kA rating of the circuit breaker after considered derating or any unusual conditions.

ka (n.) A spiritual aspect of the individual, living within the body during life, and surviving the body after death. It was believed to be one of two spirits inhabiting the body, the other being the ba, which deserts teh body at death. Meaning:The "ka" is a very complex part of the symbolism in ancient Egyptian mythology and represents several things: the ka is a symbol of the reception of the life powers from each man from the gods, it is the source of these powers, and it is the spiritual double that resides with every man. Feb 04, 2020 · Kw = Ka x Kb. Ka is the acid dissociation constant. pKa is simply the -log of this constant. Similarly, Kb is the base dissociation constant, while pKb is the -log of the constant. The acid and base dissociation constants are usually expressed in terms of moles per liter (mol/L). This kA rating refers to the amount of current which a circuit breaker is designed to handle under fault conditions and can still maintain operation and 'break' contact. The meaning of KA is: Kick a** . Find more definitions for KA on! Oct 24, 2017 · kaka. (Noun) Poop, feces, shit, dung, dump, Load. (Noun) Person 1:Oh man, i got kaka all over my hair after leaning back in the movie theater. They really need to clean this place up! These damn people need to stop shitting on the seats. Kà is a show by Cirque du Soleil at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. Kà describes the story as "the coming of age of a young man and a young woman through their encounters with love, conflict and the duality of Kà, the fire that can unite or separate, destroy or illuminate."

Kick Ass. KA. Kamov (Russian aircraft designer) KA. Kappa Alpha. KA. Kilmarnock (postcode, United Kingdom) KA. Keine Ahnung (German: No Idea)

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Jul 20, 2016 · Definition of 知るか (shiru ka) It sounds little bit of rude. So English counterpart would be like "I don't give a shit" or "Fuck knows!" or something. I personally don't recommend you to use しるか.|that isn't my business|知るか = I don know.

The acid dissociation constant, Ka, is a quantitative indicator of the strength of an acid in a solution. Because Ka is often an extremely large number, chemists simplify it to a smaller number, called pKa, for convenience. Ka and pKa are the same thing expressed in different ways. What is the difference between PKA and PH?