Last year I was paying £25 for my broadband, and got a letter from Sky saying they were reducing my monthly fee to £20 to match the offer they had for new customers. I thought it was a really nice touch, as everyone else seems to only focus on client acquisition rather than retention.

If you'd like to compare Sky to other broadband providers, read our Sky broadband review. Check your the speed of your connection using our broadband speed test. Problems with your Virgin Media router Virgin Media has four different routers depending on when you became a customer and the type of broadband service you have. Disconnecting sky - what to do now? - freeview forum Nov 08, 2017 Sky confirms broadband not working in North, UK – Product

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One SKY Broadband offers affordable unlimited Internet with speeds of up to 100 Mbps. With this, your family will always have fast and seamless access to exclusive content online without worrying about data cap or sacrificing your monthly budget. And there’s more to that! With One SKY Broadband, get at least ₱299 discount on any chosen HD Skybroadband Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of Sky Broadband has become completely unusable. Sky's speed check shows 13 MBPS download speed. Speedofme shows 0.74 MBPS download speed, upload of 0.56 and latency to the tester's server of 6476 ms. Pings to all over 1200 ms. No one to call or write to at Sky. This is a fraud. Sky Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of

Sep 04, 2013

Sky outage? Current problems and issues | Downdetector @xxCatt_27xx How do you report numbers that keep ringing from "sky", a foreign man calling himself James number 01965523553 saying my line and internet will be disconnected in 24 hours!? @MartinSLewis I registered with the TPS service and its clearly not working! ? Sky Broadband keeps disconnecting — Digital Spy Hi there. Have similar problem with Sky broadband disconecting, but it only happens between 5pm and 8pm. After about 10 conversations with Sky, 3 weeks and 3 issued tickets later, problem still not solved. Done all kinds of testing and filter changing as well. This is new line in new property. Answered: Connected but no internet - Sky Community To check log onto your router by typing and hit return when the router's interface loads click on Wireless and enter admin as the user and sky as the pasword. If thst works check the passcode on the wireless page matches the one on the label of the router.